Love Your Job But Never Fall In Love With Your Company, Because You Never Know When It Stops Loving You

This words quoting from Infosys Chief Mentor Narayana Murthy’s Speech. The line has many interpretation, At a first glance, It has the meaning of: Do the job as long as you has a good salary.
Don’t be loyal to organization you’ve worked for, Be loyal to yourself and your career only. If you don’t agree with your superior, quit and find a better job. Do not waste your time fighting for the truth and values, it is the absolute nonsense to do! After all, boss is always right!. No, wait, there’s more than meets the eye, please read article below.

On the other hand, it has a hidden meaning. First, people who loved their work, tends to give high qualities work. Pursuing perfection in his/her work. In the end, company has more benefit owning employee who loved their work. On the other hand, people who loved their company have more tendency to do anything to stay in their company. I mean anything. Including kicking other team ass in their back just because having different opinion, kissing hard on bosses ass for better position, do anything from legal to illegal for their company’s just to earn little bit more profit and "Good Job" from managers. His/her action will disintegrate the company’s team, and in the end, this will hurt the company more.

The second, those kind of people tends to work long hours and overtime. Being in the office long hours, over long periods of time, makes way for potential errors. Correcting these errors will takes some times and energy as well. More, the company that has too often long hours of works is not a good company. These overtime people will often complain about their teammates who worked normally (not as hard as they), these people are irritable and easily angry. This condition is bad for a good working environment.

So how is to love your work more, its easy. First, breakfast in the morning is always help. Work hard for 8 hours, Go home, have fun after office hours or go home, have fun with your family, get a good sleep. And at work, try to prioritize things, make a todo list. If you feel overloaded, tell the bosses, you’re not superman who can finish everything in one day. Know more about your team mates. Hang around after office is always help.

And tips for managers and bosses, try to create a better environment. Hot office or too cold office is not a good environment, Try to be proportional, pushing employee to the limit is not a good thing. Sometimes they also need a break. Google does it with their "20 percent time" policy,
so why don’t you? Happy employee is creative and productive employee.