Here’s my own perspective regarding Pak adiwirasta’s post: "Java vs PHP".

  1. PHP has shorter learning curves than Java
  2. PHP has more support for web-development, since PHP was created for building web application.
  3. Java is intended for general purpose language, so it has more tools and library to support it.
  4. PHP has OOP, but Java do it better.
  5. PHP is lack of threading support.
  6. PHP is more scalable than java, since requirements are cheap, and resource is scattered, while Java, is more corporate minded, with support and stuff.

As a matter of choice, it depends on the subject. If I working on a simple CRUD web-application, I choose PHP. But if my job require concurrency support, I’ll do it in Java.
And if I were asked to choose between PHP or Java for my work? I can’t choose. My company use both.