This is my new year resolution 2007. From a developer point of view. Feel free to add yours…

  1. I will bother to research the security issues relevant to my work.
  2. I will learn how to use Unicode.
  3. I will recognize that not all programs are self documenting, and that this is why comments were invented.
  4. I will be nice to the people who pay me.
  5. I will go back and do something interesting with all my failed, half-finished projects.
  6. I will not use the term "Alpha" when what I really mean is buggy, untested, crap-tastic software.
  7. I will not try to learn a new language. Instead I will surprise everyone by programming something completely unexpected in one I already know.
  8. I will write ten lines of code everyday for someone I love.
  9. I will stop writing apps that are just giant, nested loops and releasing them as popular software packages. (Here’s looking at you, WordPress theloop.php.)
  10. I will stop making crontab entries to scripts I end up deleting.
  11. I will finally pay for all of the shareware apps that I use daily. No, really.